Does anyone actually read these?

With the advent of social media, does it make sense to still have a blog? I mean this is on my website so its just extra credit right? Anyway, I’m just going to keep putting stuff on here. Maybe this will become similar to Dan Emfield’s old “Back Page” of our Quintana Roo website. Please let me know by commenting on this if you actually read this, do you enjoy it, do you hate it, what would you like to see here.... etc.

This post is more of a brain dump. The shop has been back to normal, lots of bikes in. A few projects that unfortunately get the back burner. Of course I saw a lot of gravel bikes in right before BWR. I really do enjoy the idea of gravel rides, I constantly miss the Routt 45 but I know the new owner is loving it. I get pics every once and awhile. Do you follow Gravelstoke yet on Instagram or Facebook? Do you enjoy riding thin tires on MTB trails and fire roads? Gravelstoke has a gravel ride/race coming soon this June 3rd. The event is called Hunt of the North, more info on their website at!

I just closed the latest Squadra kit order and sales were great! Thanks to all that ordered this round. Im really excited to see these out on the road. Here’s my dilemma though. I have a new Castelli jersey designed and ready to go. When should I offer these up? Is it too soon to launch another jersey? IM really excited to show it to you... I just wish I fit Castelli. I kind of feel like these pieces to the collection are pieces of me either way. I ran a few posts last week on my IG story about colors and I picked the one that crushed it.

Thats about it. I hope everyone is getting outside while the weather is great! If you need a tune up, overhaul, bike built,... Let me know!

Bueller, Bueller, Bueller...

March is the month of Lycra... Sort of.

Howdy. Longtime no see...

Great news if you ordered my latest run of Castelli kits. I have heard that the order has left Oregon and is on the way to Velo Hangar!! Thanks to everyone who jumped on this order, very much appreciated! I did order a few extra jersey’s in both colors. If you missed out on this last batch take a look at my Online Store, I’ve updated it with the items that are coming in. I’ve also put the remaining MTB jersey’s on sale. ‘Tis the season, get after it!

For those of you who prefer Squadra, I’m currently working on an all new kit. Think subtle, dark colors, possibly a new vest as well... I’m hoping to release the design for preorder in the next couple weeks. 

That’s it for now. Lots in the works, not much I can go into currently though...

Get outside, enjoy the fresh air and ride!

Twenty Eighteen...

2018... Begining of the new year everyone touts resolutions, changes to the norm, disruption in business practice. Owning a small business, it’s easy to hope for change. It’s easy to post things that will change from the last year.. The problem is it’s difficult to change the way that’s been working. You get caught up in the small stuff and you lose focus on the big picture. There are things I want to do with VH this year. There are things I want to change and I want everyone here force my hand. Ere something you’d like to see happen at VH? Is there a product you think would sell well at the shop? Do you want to see more VH branded clothing? I’m not saying every idea is going to go into production but, i’m Saying there’s a chance... This Thursday there will be a suggestion box on the bar at the shop. Valid suggestions and some that aren’t will be posted here and on instagram. You can vote on what project you want to see go to fruition...

What am I getting myself into...?

Brain Dump

  • Song playing: “Fire in her Eyes” by Cunninlynguists
  • Location: Ironsmith Roasters
  • Temperature: 65deg
  • Footwear: Sockguy VH wool
  • In the stand: Focus Izalco (overhaul)
  • Last pic taken: “2 BMC’s”

That’s it for now. Time to get into work mode. See you all soon, I appreciate you (mean it)!

Upcoming Holiday Events... Brain Dump mode

Howdy all! Just wanted to give you guys a quick heads up to a few things on the horizon...

Brain Dump

The shop will be closed for Thanksgiving this year but we will be open on Friday 12-5. I am having a Black Friday Sale online only that day ending at Midnight Friday. I will also be having a sale in store only on Saturday for Small Biz Saturday. I will also be opening up a new Preorder for castelli Jersey’s and bibs. Although these wont be here for the holidays they would make great holiday gifts! That’s what’s up this week... 

On December 2nd we (State Street Collab) are having a holiday party! 2p - 9p, Live Music, refreshments, handmade gifts, food trucks, etc. 


  • Black Friday Sale (Online Only) code will be BLKFRY
  • Small Biz Saturday Event, all items in stock will have incentives
  • 2680 Collab Holiday Party Saturday December 2nd, 2p-9p..
  • New Castelli Preorder including 2 new jersey colors/designs (reorder of the navy bibs) 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday! I hope to see you at the shop this weekend!

After a week of 90 degree weather... & assorted info.

I’m happy to report that San Diego is back to 65-70 degree weather. The best weather for riding a bike in my opinion. Gone are the sweaty sleepless nights, the unbearable sweaty bike repairs, the 3 liters of water mountain bike rides... Perfect temps. Hey, I’m not rubbing it in.. I’m just extremely excited that I can wear hoodies again. 

Fall, autumn whatever you want to call it.. It’s always been my favorite season. In Kentucky it was the time of the year that the leaves changed color from green to yellows and oranges. There was a scent in the air that was warm and comforting. In San Diego it’s when the locals come out of their hibernation and poke their sunburned faces out to smell fresh air. The beaches aren’t filled with lost Arizonans. I dont know about you but I cant wait to get outside and soak it up on my bike.

Upcoming projects & events 

  • I’m finalizing colors on another run of Castelli jersey’s. These will be part of my “Separates” Collection. Both jersey’s will be Castelli’s latest offering called the “Podio”. It’s a mix of features from the “Team” jersey and the “Aero Race” jersey.  I’ll be offering a light colored jersey and a more subtle design as well. I’ll be rerunning the Navy bibs that were introduced with my first set of jersey’s. 
  • After months and months of putting it off, I’ve decided to leave town for a few days. Visit some friends up north, close the store for 2 days and unplug. I’ve got to do it. Time to take care of Gordon a little. The shop will be closed Monday November 13th & Tuesday November 14th, back open at normal hours on Thursday November 16th. 
  • Planning to organize a couple casual rides starting in late November including my locally-world famous night ride & bike4beers... 


Can you believe November will be my 1 year mark? The container was dropped into the space in September but the space was 80% dialed by November 15th 2016. Looking back at the early days it was a blessing and a curse that the repair business was in a lull. On one hand I was able to focus on construction and design, on the other hand however the costs were rising and money wasn’t increasing. Back in those days I had started a GoFundMe campaign with huge success! Thanks to each and every one of you who helped me achieve my goal and build the space! Without the help VH would not be where it is today! I cannot express how much gratitude I have for my friends, family & clients. With that said it’s difficult to forecast how busy I actually am.

This summer has been non-stop and coming into the fall I have plenty of bikes to take up my days. Truly stoked that the heat has switched off and the more temperate (65- 75deg) days are back. A more enjoyable temperature to ride in and better atmosphere to work in. I honestly cant remember what the weather was lIke here last year.. I was excited about the new spot, eager to get the ball rolling, trying to get the word out.. Difficult to forecast what is up ahead.. I can tell you though that I am just as excited about Velo Hangar’s new space as I have ever been..

If you haven’t visited the new space, you really should. It’s more casual, it’s in a quiet setting, it’s comfortable, it’s hidden (just the way I like it)! We are located at 2680 State Street in Carlsbad Village on the corner of Beech & State. There’s no parking directly in front of the shop in the gravel but there is plenty of parking on the street. Our hours are 1-6p (sometimes later) Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday, 10-2 on Saturday. Hours will fluctuate but i try to keep the website/facebook/yelp updated with the most current info. 



It's back....! I've decided to reopen the preorder of Kitty Kamo. Back by popular demand. Understandably this design needed to be seen in person to really grasp its awesomeness.. This kit will be produced by Squadra in their Premier cut. Unisex jersey's, Men's & Women's bibs & Arm Warmers. You can check them out on my online store (in the header above if you are reading this on my website). The preorder will be open till September 15th so get your order in soon!


You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose...

What would this life be like without friends? Have you ever really thought about that? I'm talking any kind of friend, acquaintance, best friend, fur friend, boy friend, girl friend, long lost friend... Friends are a huge part of my life. They give me the energy to run this little business I created and I'm proud to call my clients friends. If I had co workers I'd hope they would consider me a friend. My friends push me to become a healthier human being, they keep me on track. Then there's the inner circle. 

The inner circle of friends that you can always talk to, you can bounce hair brained ideas off of.. The inner circle are your closest friends. Maybe you dont see them everyday, maybe you do. They are the ones you tend to socialize with the most (i.e., meals, parties, outdoor activities, etc). The inner circle is hard to break into and it's even harder to be removed from. I think my inner circle of friends know who they are and dont need to be picked out of the crowd. Then there's the "Best Friend"... 

"Best friends are the people you can do anything with and nothing with and still have the best time.." 

BFF, Best Friend, +1, Companion, partner, .. I'm not a big label guy but, my BFF is the one I want to spend the majority of my free time with. They don't always have to be the one you've known the longest. My time is special, my time is valuable to me so I want to spend that free time with someone that makes me smile, shares adventures, runs frivolous errands, someone who just enjoys.. Right now that person is Sabby. 

"...Girl BFF's are better than boy BFF's since they sit with your tequila infused ass for hours to make sure you are alive.." quote by Sabrina  

Please make sure you tell all your friends how much you value them, how much you care about them, how much you love them... 


It's amazing what a little sunshine will do...

Here in Southern California we've had an abnormal winter. Record breaking amounts of rain fell on my little slice of paradise and caused havoc. The outlying mountain ranges had snow for the first time in years and in turn we are blessed right now with green hills. It's glorious. 

The sun is out now and has been for a month or so, sure we get a little May Grey now and then but for the most part sunny sky. The sun for me is energy. It energizes me to get outside, gives me energy to ride/walk/hike, it makes me hopeful for a good biz season, it also powers my shop. The shop is 100% solar. Its powered by a Goal Zero Yeti 1250 that's charged with 2 Goal Zero Boulder 90 panels. When it rains, power is scarce. I love the sun and all it brings..

No im not drinking or smoking right now, I'm just stoked on the weather...


  • I'm working on a new t-shirt design that will include Carlsbad Village. I'm super happy with my new location and I want to promote our little town as much as I can.
  • I did just close a preorder for my Summer Castelli kits and will have a select few in stock at the shop if you missed out. 
  • Brian Worthy and I are working on a "State Street" collab jersey that his company Vermarc will run.
  • I'm a Moots dealer now. So if you or anyone you know is looking for the ultimate titanium steed they can swing by VH to make it happen. I'll have a demo bike at the shop in the next month or so that I'm pretty jazzed about. My size of course...
  • VH is a Muc-Off ambassador shop. What's that mean? I'm using and carrying every product of theirs that is currently available in the USA..
  • Now stocking WTB MTB/Gravel/CX tires. I've been running them on my mountain bikes for a couple months now. Amazing grip, decent weight and super easy to setup tubeless.

That's pretty much it right now. Do yourself a favor and get outside. Get your face in the sun (use sunscreen of course), Breathe the fresh air, enjoy..