Where did this humidity come from?

It literally feels like Kentucky weather right now... Mid 80’s during the day, upper 60’s at night and 400% humidity. Either way business is really nice. Some fun projects in the pipeline. Lots of wheel builds, frame up builds, Light Blue tunes, Just the way I like it, keep it coming!

Currently working on the next Squadra jersey and kicking around an idea for a collab jersey series. I talked about it back in 2015 but a lot happened in a short amount of time so I had to put the brakes on. Keep your eyes peeled for this in the next few weeks. 

How’s your summer going? Any trips planned? Fun rides? I’m living vicariously through your social media stories so keep them coming! I’m itching for a road trip...

That’s it for right now. It’s my “day off” hahaha. More like the day i dont go to the shop... Have a great rest of the week!

Velo Hangar Maintence Packages?!?

What’s that....? Well after long debates with myself, I’ve decided to offer Prepaid Maintence. Kind of like a service plan but more fun and better savings. It’s part prepaid labor, part elite club, part secret handshake... There are a couple levels all with value added bonuses including product care packages featuring vendors I carry. The higher the level the better the perks only available to the select group. Call it a membership, call it a good deal, call it what you want. I dont know if you are like myself but I kind of dig having something not many others have.. Similar to my challenge coins. Go take a look, they are currently in my online store and available for purchase. The “cards” are for labor only. Parts and accessories will be billed separately.