And then... The Holidays.

Before we get to the normal, “Happy Holidays” blah, blah, blah. I’d like to take a moment to clarify something I regularly do that a lot of people have issues with. No it’s not my plaid shirts, maybe it is. No it’s not my extremely disorganized workspace. No, what I’m talking about is my excessive use of the ellipsis. There's always so much on my mind that I want to say and just, well, don’t… I’ve always used them. It’s not something new. Heck we even incorporated them into my Velo Hangar logo. In a way its part of my branding. All of my jersey design incorporate the three dots on the back. Believe folks there is correlation to my madness. So a tip of the hat to my “Punctuation Pet Peevers” out there, I know who you are…

The holidays are a weird time for so many people. For some it’s the one time of the year they see family. Others it’s the perfect time to travel, or the time to spend with family back home. For other’s it can be sad memories of the past. Wherever you fit in these parameters just remember to hug those around you. Reach out to friends and family that you’ve been out of touch with. Do you still send out Holiday cards? I’d love to know some statistics on this. With the advent of social media it seems like we know more about each others lives than ever before. Of course some of us really only put what we want you to see. We don't post breakups, falling outs, injuries, etc. I’m horrible with that sort of thing. It’s one of those things about myself I think I should change but i’m pretty sure I never will. I should be sending out birthday cards to my nephews and nieces. I should be more involved. It’s one of my many faults. Either way I will be spending the next fews days with friends at a “Boozy Brunch” on Sunday, My sister and her family on Monday & Friends at the 2nd annual “Cardiff Misfits Christmas” on Tuesday. Can’t wait.

After a week of 90 degree weather... & assorted info.

I’m happy to report that San Diego is back to 65-70 degree weather. The best weather for riding a bike in my opinion. Gone are the sweaty sleepless nights, the unbearable sweaty bike repairs, the 3 liters of water mountain bike rides... Perfect temps. Hey, I’m not rubbing it in.. I’m just extremely excited that I can wear hoodies again. 

Fall, autumn whatever you want to call it.. It’s always been my favorite season. In Kentucky it was the time of the year that the leaves changed color from green to yellows and oranges. There was a scent in the air that was warm and comforting. In San Diego it’s when the locals come out of their hibernation and poke their sunburned faces out to smell fresh air. The beaches aren’t filled with lost Arizonans. I dont know about you but I cant wait to get outside and soak it up on my bike.

Upcoming projects & events 

  • I’m finalizing colors on another run of Castelli jersey’s. These will be part of my “Separates” Collection. Both jersey’s will be Castelli’s latest offering called the “Podio”. It’s a mix of features from the “Team” jersey and the “Aero Race” jersey.  I’ll be offering a light colored jersey and a more subtle design as well. I’ll be rerunning the Navy bibs that were introduced with my first set of jersey’s. 
  • After months and months of putting it off, I’ve decided to leave town for a few days. Visit some friends up north, close the store for 2 days and unplug. I’ve got to do it. Time to take care of Gordon a little. The shop will be closed Monday November 13th & Tuesday November 14th, back open at normal hours on Thursday November 16th. 
  • Planning to organize a couple casual rides starting in late November including my locally-world famous night ride & bike4beers... 

Velo Hangar Soft Opening Party this weekend! (Saturday March 18th)


Well, it's been 5 months or so since I started working in the container.. Time flies! I want to invite you to the shop for some refreshments this coming Saturday March 18th. The shop is open 10-4 on Saturday's so please try and stop by and say hey!

**Per usual please park out on State Street or one of the surrounding streets near the shop. We are on the corner of Beech and State. There's no public parking in the gravel lot.**

Other shops in my building and surrounding businesses you should check out:

  • Steady State Roasting (My buddy Elliot Reinecke's coffee shop)
  • Evrbottle (recycled, repurposed, reinvented objects)
  • Kylle Sebree (Heirloom quality custom wood furniture)
  • Handled Pottery (Handmade functional ceramics)
  • Campfire (Technically across the street but everyone on our little block is family. Open fire cooking, craft cocktails, fun staff and great atmosphere)
  • Baba Coffee & Tea (Small Bites, these guys dont roast their own beans so they aren't for the coffee purist but they do have beer...)
  • Carruth Cellars (Locally Winery with tasting rooms popping up all across San Diego)



Small Spaces.. (Part 1)

Big isn't always better. Remember when RV's were the dream adventure vehicle? Now everyone wants an outfitted Sprinter van. Remember when the station wagon's were all being sold off only to be replaced by enormous SUV's, now the roads are filled with micro cars, electric vehicles and smaller SUV's. There's even a movement called "Tiny Houses". Tiny Houses are generally built using storage containers, utilizing a resource that's ever growing. I dont need a lot of space. Velo Hangar was started in my garage 7 years ago. Yes, when the shop was in Solana Beach the space was larger but that was necessity not want. For those of you who have been inside my apartment, very few of you btw, it's a cozy small space. So when I started dreaming up the next version of Velo Hangar one necessity that kept creeping in was "Small Space".

The idea of a Storage Container Shop was born. The idea was actually spurred on by my friend Scott Defilipis a year or so earlier. He was looking into buying some land and building a multi-use property. I was intrigued. So when a friend and I visited Steady State Roasting back in May of last year and I signed a lease for some dirt, I knew I needed to buy a container. I cant tell you how many people ask me on a daily basis "where do you buy a container?".. There actually everywhere. They come in lots of sizes, shapes & colors. I had to decide what I wanted and what would fit in my space. I decided on a 20' HC (High Cube). Not as popular, which makes it more difficult to find and even more difficult to find used so I knew the price was going to be higher as well. 

All this mind you is not in my wheelhouse... I'm a bicycle mechanic. I've been a bicycle mechanic for 26 years. Construction, even as basic as it was, is not my forte. So breaking out of my shell and coordinating gravel deliveries, container shipment, buying materials and planning construction was daunting to say the least. One thing that helped the process go way easier, In July when I signed the lease I opened a GoFundMe page. I've always run the business as community owned. The space is just as much for you to enjoy as it is for me to work. So with the amazing support I received from the campaign I was able to start the project. The container was delivered September 2nd and the fun began... 


2017 not just a new year, a new beginning.

If you had told me 7 years ago that today I would have a Micro Repair Shop in Carlsbad Village I probably would have been excited to be honest.. I started hanging out in the repair shop of St. Matthews Schwinn & Fitness back in 1989 and eventually was hired. I was already talking to customers and most of them recognizing me from their last visit. So why not just give me a paycheck? I was hooked. My old service manager Tom Z gave me a box wheel off the shelf and had me dismantle it, then build it, then take it apart again and so on. I feel bad for the person that finally bought that wheel! From that point on I knew this was my calling. I always liked taking things apart, repairing and then reassembling.

A move to California in 1995 got me closer to where the bulk of the Industry was located. My dreams of my own shop had kindled over the past 5 years. I knew if I wanted to make a real go of it I needed more skill set. I had been fortunate enough to attend some training courses while at St. Matthews but there was so much more to learn...

After only 3 weeks in San Diego ( thanks to my Aunt and Uncle who invited me to stay with them in Oceanside) I landed a job at Nytro Multisports. A shop I had seen in magazines, with all the new shiny lightweight bits and bobs. It was a logical step, I knew id learn a lot. I'm not going to say it didn't go without any hitches. I think in every job you have you learn what to do and what not to do and if you can walk away from a job learn those then you are ahead of the game. I switched gears a bit in 1998 and went to work at Quintana Roo. Wanting to get some manufacturing/ vendor experience under my belt. Unfortunately it was at a time when they were going through some changes and they were eventually sold to Litespeed and moved to Tennessee.. I spent a little over a year and a half there. I made some incredible friendships, gained a wealth of knowledge and still had the dream. However I was laid off and didn't know the next step.

In 2000 I started working for a temp agency that was heavy handed in Bicycle industry jobs hoping for that next step... After 3 months waiting (almost landing a job at Oakley), I left the bike industry and took a temp job at BuyNow. BuyNow was part of the DotCom boom. Sparing you from all the acronyms, we basically built websites for manufacturers, ran them (order taking, tech support, etc) and fulfilled the orders through our partners. Maybe it wasn't part of the bike industry but I learned a lot about the internet. I learned a lot about order processing and even more about the backend fulfillment side of websites. I was missing bikes though.. I later took a weekend job at B&L Bikes. Working Sundays I got a little taste of the industry, kept my hand greasy if you will.

In 2005 I decided I needed to simplify my life a bit. The pay was ok, the commute (Leucadia to Irvine) was killing me and I didnt have any time to hang with friends. I decided to get back in and took a position at SockGuy in Carlsbad. The pay not as good, the commute was fantastic and I had time to actually ride my bike! I figured a year or so with SockGuy then wait for a mechanic position to open up at a shop, really I was only interested in working for B&L. A bunch of my friends worked at B&L including Scott Rittschof who at the time was the owner. Luckily a position opened up and I settled in. Fantastic times. Lots of fun, lots of stress, lots of frustration, lots of growth. That shop was the pinnacle on the coast. Made some lifelong friends (probably some enemies too). Anyhoo... In 2010 the shop was being sold. Specialized owned the shop and their first step was to trim the fat, namely Brandon Harris and I. Was this the push off I needed to start my own business? Yep. I was already playing with the idea. Brainstorming with my friend Jeff Rowe about business models, plans, goals,.. I had the name. I sold a few bikes to fund marketing items, produced some t-shirts, decals and proceeded to spread the word (My "Stealth" T-shirt was the first piece i produced).

Velo Hangar is so much more than I thought it could be. Not saying it hasn't been a rough ride, it has in many ways. Its what powers me though mentally, physically and monetarily of course. The support I've received from friends, family, other shops, vendors, everyone.. Has been huge. Without that constant positive energy I'm pretty sure VH wouldn't be where it is now. The latest incarnation of the shop, my Micro Repair Shop, in these short 3 months have been sooo good. I cant wait for everyone to come out and experience it. It's ever changing. It's a space for you to hang out during a ride, escape work, a place to avoid traffic on the way home.. 

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for all that you do. You may not realize how much you energize me with your words, VH sightings, a simple wave... I can not thank you enough! I promise next update will be more bicycle centric.

Until next time...