Green Flash Brewing Presents "Behind The Craft"

What are you up to this Saturday around 3;30? Join me for a beer at Green Flash…

Green Flash : a momentary green appearance of the uppermost part of the sun's disk at sunrise or sunset that results from atmospheric refraction

Here is San Diego the Green Flash is part folklore, part magic, part phenomena, part spiritual experience… Yes I have seen one, well I think I have… Green Flash Brewing is quintessential San Diego. They’ve gone through some hiccups this past year but they’ve landed on the feet firmly and to make things better the beer has stayed great. One of the many things GFB is doing to rebrand themselves is create a video series called “Behind The Craft”.

Behind The Craft : celebrating the local craftsmen and women in our community and aims to capture a glimpse into what makes San Diego such a special place to live and work.

Episode One: GFB featured Mark Reidy chef de cuisine at Ironside Fish & Oyster in Little Italy. You can check out the first episode on GFB’s youtube channel here.

Episode Two: GFB is featuring Photographer/Director/one of my best friends, Embry Rucker.

Saturday January 19th join us at The Green Flash Brewing tasting room for the premiere of Episode Two. Festivities will begin at 3:30 with an Fundraising Photo Auction including Large Format Frames Original Prints (proceeds going to a local charity). pre-party at 3:30p, Screening of the movie at 5p. Should be a fun time, art, beer and videos my kind of Saturday…

Green Flash Brewing Co.

6550 Mira Mesa Blvd 
San Diego, CA 92121 United States

Call: 858-622-0085