Tiki Time!

Well here it is! It’s Tiki Time! If you’ve ever been around me outside of work and I have a beverage in my hand, chances are it’s a tiki inspired drink... Did you know for the past couple years I’ve been collecting tiki mugs? That is what inspired this kit and also because it’s California. Anytime I put my Hawaiian shirt on it immediately elevates my mood. I wanted that on this jersey but a bit muted. More VH style. So lets look at it...

The color is Roasted Beet meets Bougainvillea (and if you don’t know what that is its root vegetable & tree).. Think red wine or framboise beer... The design is outlined palm trees, pineapples, coconuts, plumeria flowers & of course VH logo’s. The logos are a couple shades lighter than the body color. The back pockets are in seafoam to give it a little punch of color. As with my other Castelli jersey’s this is meant to be paired with the navy VH bibs but equally will go with most of my other bib designs like the anthracite bibs of yore & the latest black Squadra bibs (that will be arriving shortly).

I’m offering the navy bibs for sale again and bringing back the full finger gloves. All items are available for preorder starting today and ending 6/18/18 (2 weeks from today). Limited release and I want to get these orders in so we can get them before the season changes... Don’t hesitate! Available for preorder on my website www.velohangar.com (link in profile) Men’s bib. Women’s bib, Podio Jersey’s and full finger gloves!