It’s still March so I can talk Lycra...

Wowzers... (why does auto correct think I meant wow zeros...) anyhoo, The reaction to the Pink Jersey & the Confetti jersey has been huge! I have a few Pinkies in XL left and 1 M, 1 L, 1 XL & 1 XXL in Confetti left. Get em while the gettin’s good... 

THe new Squadra/ Velo Hangar kit design is coming along nicely.. This kit will be black based, like the Castelli kits there will be a in that stays constant through the year and there will be more jersey’s scattered in. The first jersey is subtle, thin colors, subtle logo... I hope to have it on my site in the next week or so.

Brain Dump

  • Music in the ear thingy’s: LCD Soundsystem “Tonite”
  • Sunnies: Smith ChromePop
  • Bike in the stand: 2018 Scott e-Spark 710
  • Footwear: Salomon Pro 3D Camo
  • Favorite tool: Wera 4mm
  • Beverage: Ironsmith Cold brew with house made coconut syrup (I’ll try pretty much anything with coconut or maple syrup...)
  • Last Picture taken on my phone: A pint of Tulsi Blue at Bottlecraft