Twenty Eighteen...

2018... Begining of the new year everyone touts resolutions, changes to the norm, disruption in business practice. Owning a small business, it’s easy to hope for change. It’s easy to post things that will change from the last year.. The problem is it’s difficult to change the way that’s been working. You get caught up in the small stuff and you lose focus on the big picture. There are things I want to do with VH this year. There are things I want to change and I want everyone here force my hand. Ere something you’d like to see happen at VH? Is there a product you think would sell well at the shop? Do you want to see more VH branded clothing? I’m not saying every idea is going to go into production but, i’m Saying there’s a chance... This Thursday there will be a suggestion box on the bar at the shop. Valid suggestions and some that aren’t will be posted here and on instagram. You can vote on what project you want to see go to fruition...

What am I getting myself into...?

Brain Dump

  • Song playing: “Fire in her Eyes” by Cunninlynguists
  • Location: Ironsmith Roasters
  • Temperature: 65deg
  • Footwear: Sockguy VH wool
  • In the stand: Focus Izalco (overhaul)
  • Last pic taken: “2 BMC’s”

That’s it for now. Time to get into work mode. See you all soon, I appreciate you (mean it)!