It's amazing what a little sunshine will do...

Here in Southern California we've had an abnormal winter. Record breaking amounts of rain fell on my little slice of paradise and caused havoc. The outlying mountain ranges had snow for the first time in years and in turn we are blessed right now with green hills. It's glorious. 

The sun is out now and has been for a month or so, sure we get a little May Grey now and then but for the most part sunny sky. The sun for me is energy. It energizes me to get outside, gives me energy to ride/walk/hike, it makes me hopeful for a good biz season, it also powers my shop. The shop is 100% solar. Its powered by a Goal Zero Yeti 1250 that's charged with 2 Goal Zero Boulder 90 panels. When it rains, power is scarce. I love the sun and all it brings..

No im not drinking or smoking right now, I'm just stoked on the weather...


  • I'm working on a new t-shirt design that will include Carlsbad Village. I'm super happy with my new location and I want to promote our little town as much as I can.
  • I did just close a preorder for my Summer Castelli kits and will have a select few in stock at the shop if you missed out. 
  • Brian Worthy and I are working on a "State Street" collab jersey that his company Vermarc will run.
  • I'm a Moots dealer now. So if you or anyone you know is looking for the ultimate titanium steed they can swing by VH to make it happen. I'll have a demo bike at the shop in the next month or so that I'm pretty jazzed about. My size of course...
  • VH is a Muc-Off ambassador shop. What's that mean? I'm using and carrying every product of theirs that is currently available in the USA..
  • Now stocking WTB MTB/Gravel/CX tires. I've been running them on my mountain bikes for a couple months now. Amazing grip, decent weight and super easy to setup tubeless.

That's pretty much it right now. Do yourself a favor and get outside. Get your face in the sun (use sunscreen of course), Breathe the fresh air, enjoy..