Can you believe November will be my 1 year mark? The container was dropped into the space in September but the space was 80% dialed by November 15th 2016. Looking back at the early days it was a blessing and a curse that the repair business was in a lull. On one hand I was able to focus on construction and design, on the other hand however the costs were rising and money wasn’t increasing. Back in those days I had started a GoFundMe campaign with huge success! Thanks to each and every one of you who helped me achieve my goal and build the space! Without the help VH would not be where it is today! I cannot express how much gratitude I have for my friends, family & clients. With that said it’s difficult to forecast how busy I actually am.

This summer has been non-stop and coming into the fall I have plenty of bikes to take up my days. Truly stoked that the heat has switched off and the more temperate (65- 75deg) days are back. A more enjoyable temperature to ride in and better atmosphere to work in. I honestly cant remember what the weather was lIke here last year.. I was excited about the new spot, eager to get the ball rolling, trying to get the word out.. Difficult to forecast what is up ahead.. I can tell you though that I am just as excited about Velo Hangar’s new space as I have ever been..

If you haven’t visited the new space, you really should. It’s more casual, it’s in a quiet setting, it’s comfortable, it’s hidden (just the way I like it)! We are located at 2680 State Street in Carlsbad Village on the corner of Beech & State. There’s no parking directly in front of the shop in the gravel but there is plenty of parking on the street. Our hours are 1-6p (sometimes later) Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday, 10-2 on Saturday. Hours will fluctuate but i try to keep the website/facebook/yelp updated with the most current info.