Green Flash Brewing Presents "Behind The Craft"

What are you up to this Saturday around 3;30? Join me for a beer at Green Flash…

Green Flash : a momentary green appearance of the uppermost part of the sun's disk at sunrise or sunset that results from atmospheric refraction

Here is San Diego the Green Flash is part folklore, part magic, part phenomena, part spiritual experience… Yes I have seen one, well I think I have… Green Flash Brewing is quintessential San Diego. They’ve gone through some hiccups this past year but they’ve landed on the feet firmly and to make things better the beer has stayed great. One of the many things GFB is doing to rebrand themselves is create a video series called “Behind The Craft”.

Behind The Craft : celebrating the local craftsmen and women in our community and aims to capture a glimpse into what makes San Diego such a special place to live and work.

Episode One: GFB featured Mark Reidy chef de cuisine at Ironside Fish & Oyster in Little Italy. You can check out the first episode on GFB’s youtube channel here.

Episode Two: GFB is featuring Photographer/Director/one of my best friends, Embry Rucker.

Saturday January 19th join us at The Green Flash Brewing tasting room for the premiere of Episode Two. Festivities will begin at 3:30 with an Fundraising Photo Auction including Large Format Frames Original Prints (proceeds going to a local charity). pre-party at 3:30p, Screening of the movie at 5p. Should be a fun time, art, beer and videos my kind of Saturday…

Green Flash Brewing Co.

6550 Mira Mesa Blvd 
San Diego, CA 92121 United States

Call: 858-622-0085

And then... The Holidays.

Before we get to the normal, “Happy Holidays” blah, blah, blah. I’d like to take a moment to clarify something I regularly do that a lot of people have issues with. No it’s not my plaid shirts, maybe it is. No it’s not my extremely disorganized workspace. No, what I’m talking about is my excessive use of the ellipsis. There's always so much on my mind that I want to say and just, well, don’t… I’ve always used them. It’s not something new. Heck we even incorporated them into my Velo Hangar logo. In a way its part of my branding. All of my jersey design incorporate the three dots on the back. Believe folks there is correlation to my madness. So a tip of the hat to my “Punctuation Pet Peevers” out there, I know who you are…

The holidays are a weird time for so many people. For some it’s the one time of the year they see family. Others it’s the perfect time to travel, or the time to spend with family back home. For other’s it can be sad memories of the past. Wherever you fit in these parameters just remember to hug those around you. Reach out to friends and family that you’ve been out of touch with. Do you still send out Holiday cards? I’d love to know some statistics on this. With the advent of social media it seems like we know more about each others lives than ever before. Of course some of us really only put what we want you to see. We don't post breakups, falling outs, injuries, etc. I’m horrible with that sort of thing. It’s one of those things about myself I think I should change but i’m pretty sure I never will. I should be sending out birthday cards to my nephews and nieces. I should be more involved. It’s one of my many faults. Either way I will be spending the next fews days with friends at a “Boozy Brunch” on Sunday, My sister and her family on Monday & Friends at the 2nd annual “Cardiff Misfits Christmas” on Tuesday. Can’t wait.

Buckets and buckets...

Lots going on at the shop lately. A couple bikes have left the hangar in the past couple weeks, a few are still waiting in the wings for parts, New t-shirts are being printed, decals for the van… Buckets and buckets.

Very excited to be a Moots dealer. I sold a Routt RSL a few weeks back and waiting for the frame to arrive. Then the fun begins. I know the general build but I like to add my own little details. I sold a few Yeti’s as well (Thanks to a collaborative with Revolution Bikes in Solana Beach). One of the builds left the shop but now waiting for parts on a custom Yeti Beti build. I have a Pure Cycles Urban Ayer on the way as well. This one will be the shop bike/ floor bike. Belt drive, internal gears, 650b tires, should be pretty awesome. Stoked to be a Pure Cycles dealer as well. If you are looking for a great city cruiser, commuter or road bike, swing by the shop and we’ll get one ordered for you!

Sean over at Forward Screenprinting is working on a new batch of t-shirts that should be available for purchase very soon! These will be my standard “Stripe” T. I really need to work on a new design but I only have so much time in the day. If you have some ideas send them to

Last week I was fortunate to be invited to work a bike packing adventure put on by Patagonia & Enjoy Handplanes. What a great time with new and old friends. These two businesses are inspiring and the type of businesses I want to partner with. I can’t wait for the Spring 19 ride!

Loads more projects in the works. You can follow the adventure on Facebook, Instagram & twitter if you don’t already. Link buttons are at the bottom of the page.

See you at the shop!

A reissue of sorts...

Howdy All!

Its that time of year again! Time for a new kit design and preorder! This is a reissue of my Team VH jersey from 2013. Think All Over Print… I took a very popular jersey design and tweaked it to match the current VH/Squadra bibs. A little more muted without the stripes on the logo and matching the logo colors with the bibs & current arm warmers. Also new to this order, I am offering the jersey in 2 cuts. This jersey will be available in Pro (Race cut) and Premier (my standard) for men. The Women’s bibs and jersey’s will be Pro cut only. The Men’s bibs will be Pro cut, last run was premier cut. Preorder starts today and ends October 14th so that these can be delivered before the holidays!

If you haven’t heard yet, Velo Hangar turns 8 years old in October! To kill 2 birds.. I’m having a little shindig celebration at Squadra On October 6th from 3-6p! Why Squadra? So if you are thinking about buying a kit but don’t know your sizing, you can try on the kit at the party! Squadra will have samples of all the pieces on hand for you to try. Please join us on October 6th! I’ll have a fresh keg from Burgeon Beer ( It’s one of my all time favorites and is conveniently located in Carlsbad!

Hope to see you all soon!


What’s old is new again...

Seems like the trend these days, right? Jean short waists up to your armpits? In. Flared pant legs? In. Shag carpet…? Well thankfully everything old isn’t back. On this pattern, The Velo Hangar van is back to its orginal skin. 3 long years of the little green mistake was OK but I was never in love with it. It was supposed to be dark grey to light grey not dark green to light green. Obviously I like the pattern, Embry Rucker and I sketched that one up. It wasn’t right and when it comes to my business I want it right. So the new design is in the works. I’m pretty sure its going to be a decal and not a wrap. Too much wasted material. Keep your eyes peeled for the new look, for right now its “stormtrooper white” with a “Tuned By Velo Hangar” on the back.

Another oldie but goodie is the next Squadra/Velo Hangar jersey. As ive said before the Squadra kits are black based so if you ordered the Black Squadra kit last time this new jersey will be black based. A redux of the first “Team VH” kit, think all over design with updated colors. This jersey was first produced back in 2013. Over the years I’ve brightened colors, added new ones & polished the pallete. These will be available for preorder in the next few weeks on this site. 2 jersey cuts, bibs (same design as before), arm warmers (same) & vests. These will be delivered before Christmas so perfect for Holiday presents! Maybe i’ve Finally timed this right… maybe.

Castelli/ TIKI Update

Tiki kits should be in before the end of the month. Ordering went a little longer than I had hoped so the delivery was a week or so later than I wanted.

That’s it for now. I hope everyone has a great week. Get out and ride. Get out and dirty up this bikes so you’ll have to come by and see me! See you soon!!

Where did this humidity come from?

It literally feels like Kentucky weather right now... Mid 80’s during the day, upper 60’s at night and 400% humidity. Either way business is really nice. Some fun projects in the pipeline. Lots of wheel builds, frame up builds, Light Blue tunes, Just the way I like it, keep it coming!

Currently working on the next Squadra jersey and kicking around an idea for a collab jersey series. I talked about it back in 2015 but a lot happened in a short amount of time so I had to put the brakes on. Keep your eyes peeled for this in the next few weeks. 

How’s your summer going? Any trips planned? Fun rides? I’m living vicariously through your social media stories so keep them coming! I’m itching for a road trip...

That’s it for right now. It’s my “day off” hahaha. More like the day i dont go to the shop... Have a great rest of the week!

Tiki Time!

Well here it is! It’s Tiki Time! If you’ve ever been around me outside of work and I have a beverage in my hand, chances are it’s a tiki inspired drink... Did you know for the past couple years I’ve been collecting tiki mugs? That is what inspired this kit and also because it’s California. Anytime I put my Hawaiian shirt on it immediately elevates my mood. I wanted that on this jersey but a bit muted. More VH style. So lets look at it...

The color is Roasted Beet meets Bougainvillea (and if you don’t know what that is its root vegetable & tree).. Think red wine or framboise beer... The design is outlined palm trees, pineapples, coconuts, plumeria flowers & of course VH logo’s. The logos are a couple shades lighter than the body color. The back pockets are in seafoam to give it a little punch of color. As with my other Castelli jersey’s this is meant to be paired with the navy VH bibs but equally will go with most of my other bib designs like the anthracite bibs of yore & the latest black Squadra bibs (that will be arriving shortly).

I’m offering the navy bibs for sale again and bringing back the full finger gloves. All items are available for preorder starting today and ending 6/18/18 (2 weeks from today). Limited release and I want to get these orders in so we can get them before the season changes... Don’t hesitate! Available for preorder on my website (link in profile) Men’s bib. Women’s bib, Podio Jersey’s and full finger gloves!


Velo Hangar Maintence Packages?!?

What’s that....? Well after long debates with myself, I’ve decided to offer Prepaid Maintence. Kind of like a service plan but more fun and better savings. It’s part prepaid labor, part elite club, part secret handshake... There are a couple levels all with value added bonuses including product care packages featuring vendors I carry. The higher the level the better the perks only available to the select group. Call it a membership, call it a good deal, call it what you want. I dont know if you are like myself but I kind of dig having something not many others have.. Similar to my challenge coins. Go take a look, they are currently in my online store and available for purchase. The “cards” are for labor only. Parts and accessories will be billed separately. 

Does anyone actually read these?

With the advent of social media, does it make sense to still have a blog? I mean this is on my website so its just extra credit right? Anyway, I’m just going to keep putting stuff on here. Maybe this will become similar to Dan Emfield’s old “Back Page” of our Quintana Roo website. Please let me know by commenting on this if you actually read this, do you enjoy it, do you hate it, what would you like to see here.... etc.

This post is more of a brain dump. The shop has been back to normal, lots of bikes in. A few projects that unfortunately get the back burner. Of course I saw a lot of gravel bikes in right before BWR. I really do enjoy the idea of gravel rides, I constantly miss the Routt 45 but I know the new owner is loving it. I get pics every once and awhile. Do you follow Gravelstoke yet on Instagram or Facebook? Do you enjoy riding thin tires on MTB trails and fire roads? Gravelstoke has a gravel ride/race coming soon this June 3rd. The event is called Hunt of the North, more info on their website at!

I just closed the latest Squadra kit order and sales were great! Thanks to all that ordered this round. Im really excited to see these out on the road. Here’s my dilemma though. I have a new Castelli jersey designed and ready to go. When should I offer these up? Is it too soon to launch another jersey? IM really excited to show it to you... I just wish I fit Castelli. I kind of feel like these pieces to the collection are pieces of me either way. I ran a few posts last week on my IG story about colors and I picked the one that crushed it.

Thats about it. I hope everyone is getting outside while the weather is great! If you need a tune up, overhaul, bike built,... Let me know!

Bueller, Bueller, Bueller...